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As an accountant, my job is all about numbers. It is normally said about accountants that we are the financial backbone of a business because it is us who prepare and examine all the financial records and ensure that the amount transaction is correct. We, as accountants, use financial statements and also numbers to show the overall health of the organization and company.

My job deals with a lot of papers and documents. Using my skills in accounting and math I analyze losses and profits on a daily basis. My works deal with a lot of tax forms, banking, stock market records, pay stubs, etc. While some of the clients bring the digital version of the data but there are some who bring thick piles of their documents and it is my duty to extract the required data from that pile.

This extraction requires a lot of efficiency and accuracy and in some cases, you need to extract the required data and return back the documents in the same meeting. The best possible solution in such cases is using an efficient scanner but one needs to keep in mind various aspects before investing in such equipment.

  • Sorting: Before investing in a scanner, you must make sure that the respective scanner supports different outputs like TIFF, JPEG, Word, Excel, PDF, etc.​
  • Sharing: Once you convert physical books into digital form then it is easy to save them on your computer and share them with friends and colleagues with just a click via email and USB.
  • Searching: This is another main feature that you must consider while buying a scanner. All the scanned documents are converted to editable Word and searchable PDF formats so it is easy to search for relevant information.

By reading all this you must be wondering that finding such a scanner that is reasonable and highly efficient and accurate must be a tough job but don’t worry, I have the solution for you.

CZUR Shine Ultra Pro

As mentioned earlier, the job of an accountant is not an easy one and I am saying this from personal experience. It needs accuracy and efficiency and that is why I am suggesting this particular scanner because it has all the required features that will help you to do your job.

 Shine Ultra Pro of the CZUR Shine Series is specifically designed as a top-quality document scanner with amazing portability. It is height adjustable and 90°foldable which is why it requires less space and can be used in different places. It is highly friendly for people who belong to professions like remote teaching, accounting, and other office users for presentations and web conferences.

Prominent Features   

  • Sorting: CZUR Shine Ultra Pro has the ability to perform wide variety of scanning and document organization and sorting tasks quickly and easily. This makes it an ideal tool for people who scan and store documents on cloud storage and network shares. It also helps to organize existing PDF and MS office docs on your network. A scanner must be able to identify as well as sort documents into various groups using keyword analysis and smart page layout. This particular feature is best both for individuals and companies that need to capture and digitize data from different documents that normally don’t come pre-sorted.
  • Searching: Searching any specific information from a huge pile of data is easiest using CZUR Shine Ultra Pro because it has OCR functionality. It helps to recognize texts inside photos and scanned documents. It is used to convert virtually any image containing written text into machine-readable text data. With this technology Shine Ultra Pro enables to transfer pages into editable files such as searchable PDFs, JPG, Word, and Excel.
  • Sharing: Once you convert your books and documents into digital versions it is very easy to share them with others. Save the soft versions in whatever file format suits you and share them either through email or USB. I call this feature the most important one because sometimes you have to extract information from a large text and it is not always easy to go through huge data all at once. At that time your scanner comes to the rescue. 

With this Scanner you can:

  • Scan Document
  • Images
  • Drawings
  • Contacts
  • Receipts
  • Business cards)

Accounting itself is a very laborious field, it consumes your energy, and being in this field for the past couple of years I would suggest investing in equipment that can help you to work quickly, accurately, and efficiently. CZUR Shine Pro is one such buy that you will not regret ever in your life and it will instantly become your best friend as far as you work as an accountant.

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