CZUR Purify Smart Notebook Test- und Bedienungsanleitung

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Are you tired of typical notebooks? Then why not upgrade to a smart notebook. The best smart notebook is the CZUR purify smart notebook. This notebook is made of soft PU leather, which protects the smart from water, thus keeping your ideas safe.

The CZUR purify smart notebook is available in four colors. This gives you the autonomy to choose the color you love. Additionally, sharing your ideas with your colleagues is simple. This is because you can share your content with the CZUR app that you can download on your iOS and Android device.

So, why purchase the CZUR purify smart notebook? In this piece, you will get to learn about this smart notebook by CZUR.

Let’s start.

The Features and Specifications of the CZUR Purify Smart Notebook

Here you will get the features and specifications of the purify smart notebook.

Specifications of CZUR Purify Smart Notebook

  • Cover material: Soft PU leather – peach velvet
  • Dimension – 201x143x13mm
  • Number of pages: 192 pages or 96 sheets
  • Paperweight: 80 grams per square meter
  • Binding: Round case binding – 16 pages per bind
  • Colors: Sky blue, infinity black, medium red, and soft pink

The Features of CZUR Purify Smart Notebook

The following are the features you should expect when you purchase this smart notebook.

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Efficient and Makes You Organized

As a person or employee, you must be organized with your ideas and get an efficient tool in saving and sharing your thoughts. So, what’s the best tool other than the CZUR purify notebook?

When you write in the notebook, you need to store it safely. So, when you have this smart notebook, you can start scanning. For scanning, you must download the CZUR app on your mobile device.

Cloud Storage

After scanning, you can store the scanned pages on the cloud. This helps you secure your work and prevents you from losing your work. The cloud storage has a 10GB storage space that can synchronize almost one hundred notebooks.

OCR Technology

The pages are light cream which makes it easy for your eyes. As for scanning and handwriting recognition, the app features OCR technology. This makes it easy for the app to smartly scan your notebook and convert it to PDF before saving it on cloud storage.

Even though it recognizes your handwriting, you must ensure that it is legible for the optical character recognition to scan the notebook accurately.


This notebook is made of a soft PU leather cover. The cover is waterproof, thus preserving your notebook from any water damage.

Easy to Share

Do you love sharing your ideas with your friends? Then after writing on the CZUR, purify the smart notebook. The next is to scan the notes and share via social media platforms like Skype, WhatsApp, etc. Also, you can send the notes through email.

All you need is to connect the CZUR application with other apps like Gmail. WhatsApp, etc., enabling you to share your content without challenges.

Add a Hashtag

How do you add a hashtag to the CZUR app? This is only common on Twitter and Instagram. But it is possible when you have the CZUR purify smart notebook app. This is to make it easy for you to get your notes fast.

Adding the hashtag enables you quickly access your notes. This is because cloud storage can store up to 100 notebooks. So, for quick access to your notes, add a hashtag, e.g., #academics.

So, if you are searching for academic notes, you type hashtag ‘academic,’ and you will get all notes in the educational section.

Lightweight and Portable

You require a notebook that is easy to carry wherever you are going. The CZUR purify smart notebook weighs 120 grams, making it lightweight. Thus, you can have it in your hand as you walk to school, home, or office.

True 180 Degree Lay Flat

Typical notebooks can stress you when you want to scan. This is because they don’t lie flat (180 degrees on the surface). When such happens, you can end up breaking the pages to scan. But when you have the CZUR notebook, that isn’t a necessity.

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Why? Because it lies flat (180 degrees) without any issues. So, enabling you to scan the notebook without unbinding pages from the notebook.

Available in 4 Colors

The color of a notebook matter and differs with an individual. CZUR had that in mind and made this smart notebook with four colors. Suppose you like sky blue, infinity black, medium red, or soft pink you can get it when you buy.

This gives you the chance to select the color of your choice, unlike other notebooks that are available in one color.


How much do you purchase your smart notebooks? After reviewing some smart notebooks like Moleskine and rocket book, their prices are more than $25. But for the CZUR purify smart notebook is priced at $19.99.

So, why go highly-priced smart notebook, and you can get the CZUR smart notebook at an affordable price? Buy one today and document your ideas and other things safely.

Furthermore, this notebook doesn’t require you to purchase a specific pen to use when writing. No! You write using any pen but make sure your handwriting is legible for the optical character recognition to capture every word.


This smart notebook by CZUR comes with a 12-month warranty. Therefore, in case of any issues, you can return the book.

Apart from the warranty period, you will get free shipping worldwide, and CZUR guarantees you secure shopping.

Benefits of Using the CZUR Purify Smart Notebook

After learning about the specifications and features of the CZUR purify smart notebook. You must understand what benefits it brings to your life.

  • Durable and flexible. This smart notebook is long-lasting as the cover is waterproof as made of velvet. As for flexibility, it doesn’t tear or get damaged when you want to scan. This is because it flattens entirely.
  • The CZUR app uses optical character recognition that captures all the notes intelligently.
  • It has 192 pages that enable you to write many notes without the worry of purchasing another notebook soon.
  • It comes with stylish bookmarks that allow you to track your work.

Wrap Up

The CZUR purify smart notebook comes with versatile features that provide you with the best time to write your notes. Be it school or work notes, and you can document them on this smart notebook. So, what are you waiting for? Visit CZUR today to buy one.

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