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COVID-19 changed the way we live and work. Social distancing, quarantine and lockdowns became the new realities of life. In order to combat the spread, it became necessary to distance ourselves from the outer world and that is why work from home became the new reality.

People got gradually used to it and found it quite convenient and that is why various companies are currently in the process of downsizing their offices, especially IT and finance industries

If you are also considering downsizing your office then there are certain things you must keep in mind:

  1. What exactly does your team needs?

This is the perfect time to communicate and fill the gaps between you and your teammates. Talk to them and find out what they want in their working lives to enhance productivity. Keep in mind that different roles will require different environments and the best way to find this out is to talk to your employees and find out their preferences. Once the discussion is over you will find out things like:

  • Their planning/preference to use the office
  • Things that are good for productivity and how that varies from task to task
  • To what extent do office and WFH affect their mental health
  1. Figure out how you will utilize your office space

Think about the ways you will use your office space. Will it be used for desk work, collaborations, or both of them? There is no one-size-fits-all option. Just know what's best for you and plan accordingly.

  1. How will you spend your savings?

Post-COVID work life is quite different from the Pre-COVID era. Here offices have become more like a choice than an obligation. Normally businesses downsize offices to save money but if that is not your primary concern then how are you planning to spend the extra savings? You can use the money to make smaller spaces for a high-quality space with more facilities for your employees.

  1. Space for privacy

While downsizing, you must know that when you put your team in smaller spaces their basic human needs will not change. Everyone needs to concentrate and for that purpose, it is better to build private spaces so that everyone has a chance to get away and stay happy and productive.

Ways to Downsize your Office

Now that you have decided to downsize your office certain ways can help you in this process.

De-clutter: First decide about the size of the office you need to run things smoothly. Then you need to minimize the assets you own. There will be unwanted items piled up in storerooms and you need to get rid of them. De-clutter all these unwanted items and reduce your office size. Take the inventory of all the stuff and start from there.

Go paperless, get digital: This has to be on your agenda to make your office paperless. Try to go digital as much as you can. Here you need a scanner that is multi-purpose, portable, elegant and acquires less space and that is why I am suggesting the CZUR ET series scanner.

CZUR ET Series

The CZUR ET series is just the perfect type of scanner if you are planning to downsize your office. First of all, it has the most stylish and versatile appearance which will give your office the much-needed modern and stylish vibe. It isn't a huge machine rather it comes in a very ideal size which you can just put on a small table, do your scanning and then easy to move from place to place in the office.

Precise scanning

With the ET series scanner you can scan every page of a book with utmost care. It ensures a scan with absolutely no contact like no wear and stress on your pages. It has impressed its users with its productivity, capture quality, and also material flexibility.  

Curve-flattening technology

Its laser arrays move across the pages while scanning. This movement detects the angle and 3D shape of the pages. Every detailed information is transmitted to the software right away. With this Curve flattening tech, curves are flattened automatically.


This scanner comes with all-in-one software that helps in digitizing projects with versatility and simplicity. It is a mix of all the essential tools like automatic document detection, OCR, image trimming, color adjusting, and much more.

Digital files in different formats

The best thing about this scanner is that by scanning only once you can save all your files in multiple formats. You can save your documents in searchable PDF, Word, Excel, JPEG, TIFF, and simple PDF formats.


CZUR Company has leveraged OCR functionality from ABBY which helps to recognize more than 180 languages. Thanks to this feature, PDFs, scanned docs and other images can easily be converted into searchable forms. The final recognized doc just looks like the original one.

Intelligent image processing software

The CZUE ET series is ideal for image processing due to its various features. It is an ideal scanner for professional trimming, auto-flattening, smart paging, editing and exporting. This scanner has five color modes.

With this scanner, you can scan various materials without any difficulty such as

  • ID cards
  • Book
  • Documents
  • Passports
  • Pictures etc.

Now that you know about this multi-functional and exquisite scanner and planning to downsize your office then you must get your ET scanner now.


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