Wie der CZUR-Scanner es einfacher macht, Papier zu sparen?

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Despite recent technological advancements, the use of paper is growing. But with CZUR scanners, your document scanning and records management will be more efficient. The cost-effective item brings you highly-efficient work life, that is the portable CZUR scanner.

Scanning your documents with scanners can realize paperless. Then, significantly reduce the consumption of resources, reducing the impact that your documents management has on the environment.

CZUR has a series of portable scanners, which can help you save paper wherever you want since you can easily put it in your portapack and even lift it with a single hand. 

In removing the necessity to make use of paper for your daily work, CZUR scanners assist in offering a sustainable solution to keep your records organized. There are many environmental and tech-savvy benefits of portable document scanners which many businesses and organizations are experiencing while managing their documents effortlessly. 

No Need to Print Multiple Copies

When you require copies of documents to hand out during a conference or send via mail, it takes increasing resources.

When you scan your files with CZUR scanners, it is as simple as the right-click to create an electronic copy. This makes scanning not only a sustainable method of managing documents but also quicker and less expensive. 

 A portable CZUR scanner can scan up to 300 pages of a book within ten minutes. It stores the scanned data in editable formats for future use. 

No Need to Handle Old Recycling Papers

You do not waste paper when you utilize the scanning service in your office or working place. The document scanners aid in going paperless and digitalizing the sharing culture of documents. 

Moreover, you do not need to handle old papers and recycle them with the help of a recycling firm. A document scanner frees you from the need for paper shreds and recycling services while completing your project with a green note. 

No More Backups on Hard Copy

Backups of your files are a critical aspect of managing your documents; regardless of the file format, making hard copies or additional copies of every one of your documents will require massive amounts of paper.

On the other hand, thousands of digital files could be duplicated or saved in a matter of minutes with CZUR scanners. This is on top of the actual fact that digital backups only take a tiny portion of storage space, and they can also be made automated using OCR software.

The OCR software in CZUR portable document scanners supports more than 180 languages; it converts scanned documents into editable formats, including Word/PDF/Excel/TIFF or JPG.

Save Much Energy

Cutting down trees, converting them into paper products in mills, recycling paper, printing on paper, and handling paper waste require fossil fuels as well as other natural resources.

CZUR document scanners are energy efficient; they consume less power as compared to desktop scanners. There is no need to attach the scanners with an AC power source; however, the portable document scanners rely on robust and long-lasting batteries for document scanning jobs.

Printing, faxing, distributing, and storing documents require energy as well. Scanning, sending, and reviewing documents electronically can reduce the cost of energy and also your office carbon footprint.

Reduced Waste

An average office generates around 350 pounds worth of trash. Suppose an office can reduce its paper use and reduce the overall waste. This is beneficial for the environment and also, ultimately, for the business.

CZUR scanners allow you to store a large amount of scanned data; this data can be further transferred to a safe source through USB connectivity and a wifi network. The CZUR AuraShine Ultra portable scanner with a 143-megapixel camera results in high-resolution images that are easy and clear to understand. 

Data Security 

A lot of documents are private and, when they are in paper form, require surveillance. The storage of large volumes of documents requires companies to have security teams to ensure their data is secure. 

 Although it is a good idea to have hard copies of some crucial documents, buying a CZUR scanner may reduce the cost spent on data security and management. 

Make Your Documents More Accessible

Keeping office space organized is crucial for all businesses. If you require documents, it could be difficult to search through piles of paper prints. Additionally, if a document is kept in one location in a filing cabinet or desk drawer and is not accessible to you, it is more likely to get damaged or destroyed. 

With digital copies of your documents with the help of a portable CZUR scanner, you'll be able to be confident that every paper you work with is accessible for immediate, secure access whenever you require it to be pulled up. Moreover, you can carry your portable document scanner to a destination far from your office to access scanned documents or scan images at a remote location. 

Save Your Office Space

The storage of paper requires you to organize the filing cabinet in rows. Cleaning these spaces is also a time-consuming task. With the help of the portable CZUR scanner, it is a great way to save your space and use it better. 

Even the requirement for a big office could be reduced, and you could change to a smaller office and reduce the cost of renting.

Being in a workplace where employees feel trapped by stacks of folders and papers can cause them to be frustrated. A more spacious workplace and cleaner surroundings boost their productivity and general satisfaction.

To tackle this problem, use the CZUR AuraShine Ultra scanner; it is a handheld document scanner that you can even carry with you anywhere. It takes significantly less space to be placed, and it does not require a particular area in your office or at home. 

Reduce Exposure to Hazardous Substances

Ink and toner that are used in fax machines, printers, and copiers can be harmful. A portable document scanner will minimize your office's exposure to these substances, making paper recycling easier and will reduce the amount of toxic waste that goes into landfills.


Portable CZUR scanners also have demanding features to match any scanning job. Book curve flattening technology frees you from the overwhelming scanning processes like traditional scanners, and you don’t have to destruct books. Moreover, the CZUR scanners can detect the page-turning action and help scan documents or books automatically.

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