So konvertieren Sie ein Buch in eine im Volltext durchsuchbare Version

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Traditional books are a necessary evil because they are expensive, heavy and sometimes the whole book is not even required. There are only some portions/chapters of the book that are required by the reader.

 Media literacy has increased rapidly nowadays and the employment world has also continued to support and favor tech-savvy individuals. Therefore, it is now more important than ever to embrace and accept the digitization of traditional books. Information is now processed differently with the help of table-sized textbooks and pocket-sized phones.

Benefits of Digital Books

It is a reality that physical books have their charm but now more people are shifting towards reading books on phones and laptops. There are many benefits of book digitization such as you can reach a new audience especially the millennial generation that prefers to access everything on phones and laptops.

Digitized books are a great way to save space where all you need is a laptop or smartphone. These books are a great way to eliminate the need for space. These books can be downloaded for offline use and also can easily be accessed online. These books can also be shared with loved ones over cloud or other such platforms.

While digitizing books or scanning them it is also important to convert them into searchable PDF versions. By doing so not only do these books become accessible but also keyword search becomes easier. Making any PDF document text-searchable is a common practice nowadays.

The reader can easily navigate searchable docs by searching specific keywords and phrases, adding comments, and also copy-pasting individual text blocs. As a result handling and reading such documents becomes less troublesome.


Various Types of PDF

Depending on how the PDF file is created it can be classified in 3 different ways. The origin of the PDF file also determines whether the contents can be copy-pasted and searched or whether it is locked in the image of the page.

Image-based PDF: These PDFs are created via taking screenshots, photos, and scanning. These documents are not searchable because they are locked in a snapshot kind of image. They can neither be marked up nor can they be copy-pasted.  

True/text-based PDFs: These are digitally created PDFs that are directly created by saving a document in Microsoft word or by using the "print to PDF" function.

OCR’d or made-searchable PDFs: With the help of OCR, Image-based PDFs can be made text-searchable. Characters and document structure are read during the OCR process and then a layer of text is added to the picture layer. The recognizability of the writing ad quality may not be 100% accurate but they resemble true PDFs a lot.

OCR Functionality 

It is a widespread technology that is used to recognize texts inside photos and scanned docs. It is used to virtually convert any image with written text into machine-readable data. The most common use of OCR is the conversion of image-based TIFF, PDF, and PG into a text-based machine-readable file.

The OCR-processed files can be

  • Viewed and searched within each doc
  • Searched from a huge repository to find the desired doc.
  • Edited when corrections are needed

Businesses that use this functionality can save time and also resources that are required to manage a huge repository of files. After being transferred, the textual information can be utilized more easily and efficiently.

Benefits of OCR:

  • Enhance productivity
  • Chances of errors are reduced.
  • Manual data entry is not required
  • Errors are reduced
  • No physical space is required for the storage of a huge pile of data.
  • Productivity is improved

CZUR E18 Pro Scanner with OCR Technique

Now that you know the method of converting books into searchable PDF, the benefits of such docs, and the OCR technique it is very important to have a scanner with all these features in this tech-savvy era.

 CZUR E18 scanner makes scanning any book as easy as flipping a page. This scanner has revolutionized the scanning experience with intelligent and simple scanning performance. Any document within A3 size can be scanned without cutting and unbinding and then they are converted into editable PDF, TIFF, Excel, and Word via OCR functionality. With CZUR E18 you don’t have to unbind or cut the book.

This scanner has a patented Flattening Curve Technology. It shoots 3 laser lines which are not harmful. These laser lines help in analyzing the contours of a bound document or open book, calculating the page curve of the given material and then give a flattened page.

The ET18 scanner has a robust 32-bit MIPS CPU that can scan 2 pages of an unbound open book in 1.5 seconds. It is nearly 10 times faster than the traditional scanners. Through this scanner, books are not only scanned to save the information but also to preserve their real beauty. That is why it has a 18MP HD camera. This camera scans every single page and saves every image and detail of the book.

It can scan every document including magazines, catalogs and other blueprints. The efficient OCR technology can edit and convert scanned texts in just a click. It also has sidelights that can smoothly and evenly reveal the entire document for a balanced and precise scan. It also eliminates glares from glossy pages such as magazines, certificates, and other plastic-coated documents.


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