Wie kann ich meine alten Fotos digitalisieren?

Who doesn't love to look through old treasured photo albums? A priceless possession that often runs in families, photos for me are a true melting pot of emotions. If you're anything like me, then you would indeed hold on to those valued paintings, old photos close to your hearts. But, the one thing that does seem scary is the way they tend to lose their integrity with time. The photos that appear flawless today, would be fragile and damaged sooner or later. 


Fortunately, scanning and storing them as digital files is a great way to keep them good as new. Knowing that my albums are 100% safe on a drive does give me peace of mind, not to mention the convenience of sharing with anyone, whenever required. 


Reasons to digitize old photos


As we live in the digital age, digitizing your personal or professional documents is necessary to use them through electronic mediums. When you digitize old photos, it gives you access anytime to precious moments of your life.


Here are four important reasons that will help you realize the importance of digitizing the photos:


Preserve Better: No matter, it is the photograph of your first birthday or a photo in which you are holding your graduation degree, your invaluable collection is likely to deteriorate with time. Even the finest archival practices will not be able to prevent this damage. Hence, to maintain integrity and preserve them better, it's crucial to digitize them. 


Space-Saving: Planning to declutter your home but don't want to part with your beloved memories, digitization is just the solution! It allows you to save the pictures in digital format, while passing on those bulky boxes of photos to your family members with more storage space. 


Effective Organization:  When scanned and saved digitally, you can name the files with people or events associated with the photo. This helps in organizing a large number of files in an effective way.  You can even categorize scanned files, depending on their type (photograph, objects or paintings) or the year when the snap was taken.  


Accessible: Gain access to digital photos with the click of a button from anywhere- mobile phones, desktop, laptop and more! You also get to share them with family, friends and dear ones on multiple platforms, making up some incredible Throwback moments. 

Much needed backup:  When you digitize old photos of an album, you are actually creating a backup for them which you need very much. Photos are also a type of data that we need to store in a much better source. Digitizing photographs through a document scanner and storing them in a storage source keep them safe for a long time. 

Why CZUR Aura Pro?

Want to scan endless piles of photographs in minutes? CZUR Aura Pro, an affordable document scanner from the house of CZUR is the one that you need. Engineered for smart, non-destructive and effortless scanning experience, the Aura Pro definitely is a true lifesaver for those who want a photo scanner on a budget.

To know more about Aura Pro, let's explore its amazing features.


For those who crave for portability and compact design, this scanner will never disappoint you. The main highlight is its outstanding V-shaped design that sprouts out from the book mat. It's simple, minimal and would add a much-needed flair to any space. Apart from that, the portable scanner measures 372 mm X 180 mm X 443 mm and weighs 1.5kg when folded open. Thus, you can easily carry it and place it anywhere in a hassle-free way.

czur-Scanner, Dokumentenscanner, Buchscanner


You will never invest in a scanner that does not have the desired functions, right? What makes CZUR Aura Pro the best scanner are its unique set of power-packed functions. 

HD Camera With Superior Resolution

Camera and light both play a huge part in determining scan quality. The 14 megapixel HD camera with a resolution of 4320 X 3240 pixels captures high-quality digital copies with razor sharp details. When it comes to lighting, the scanner features dual color temperature LED lights that tend to distribute uniformly for glare-free scan. 

czur-Scanner, Dokumentenscanner, Buchscanner

High-quality camera sensor in this Portable Document scanner allows it to old digital photos with great clarity. This device offer a the best way to digitize photos. This scanner is a multipurpose use; it can scan anything on paper with the help of OCR technology. 

High Performance for Quick Scanning

Fed up of the ordinary scanner that takes hours to scan only a few photographs? That will never be the case with Aura Pro. Enabled with artificial intelligence (AI), the speed of the scanner is as high as 2 seconds per page, which means you can create your personal digital album in minutes! 

czur-Scanner, Dokumentenscanner, Buchscanner

Smart Editing Tools

Since everyone digitizes to treasure images forever, you would want them to be picture-perfect. Thankfully, this document scanner does provide user-friendly editing tools for rotating, cropping or tinkering with color of the photos. You can either do it after every individual scan or in batches.

Multi-Size Support Up to A3 Size 

Pictures do come in different sizes, and that's why this portable scanner supports up to A3 size. Further, the patent book curve flattening technology helps in scanning an entire album without having to unbind it- things can't get any better than this! 

czur-Scanner, Dokumentenscanner, Buchscanner

Advanced Side Lights

As mentioned earlier, lights are the heart of a good quality scanner. In Aura, the non-flickering sidelights bring a huge difference. Not only does it provide better lighting, but eliminates the scope reflection too.  

Different Color Modes For Personal Use 

In an era where our eyes are prone to the digital screen more than ever, the makers of CZUR with multiple color modes have done their best to keep them protected. The four color modes are:

Natural Light Mode (color temperature 4800K)

Reading Light Mode (color temperature 4000K)

Computer Mode (color temperature 3000K)

Smart Lighting Mode (suitable for night use) 

Using the various modes is relatively easy, as just with one swipe on the smartphone you can control the frequency of lights. 

Much More Than Scanning

It does not end with scanning, rather after the effortless scan, the Aura makes it even more exciting with

Diverse Output Formats 

It does really save you from the complexity of converting files, as once scanned the final outcome can either be JPG, Word, Excel, TIFF and searchable PDF too. 

czur-Scanner, Dokumentenscanner, Buchscanner

Incredible Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The intuitive optical character recognition software tends to convert the scan into editable files and is supports over 180 languages, allowing the entire process to occur without any complications. 

Next-Gen Curve Flatten Technology

Anybody would hate the idea of unbinding albums or books only to get perfectly straight scan, but that's the reality of traditional scanners. However, the curve flatten technology of this document scanner provides flat pages from curved pictures or albums.

czur-Scanner, Dokumentenscanner, Buchscanner

How to digitize photos with document scanner?

The stylish and sophisticated design of CZUR’s scanners make it easy to scan a book. The best document scanners come with many useful gadgets that make them even more enjoyable. It is very simple to scan with them. You only need to:

CZUR Aura Pro is a stylish and multipurpose document scanner; if you want to know how to digitize photos, read below a small process below. 

Put the photo under the camera sensor, then start the software on your computer.

Align the photo to the indicator on the screen.

Now, press the capture button.

As you press the capture button, you get and execute the best way to digitize photos

Software in the scanner allows you to edit the scans and improve the quality. The smart software is easy to use and has many cool features. It is much more efficient than scanning thick books with a traditional scanner.

Your Cherished Memories Matter- Protect Them With CZUR Aura Pro 

Never let go of those beautiful memories, they are meant to be with you. Keep them always close to you by digitization. Being an industry leader, CZUR manufactures best-in-class modern scanners with robust range of functionalities. Thus, you can easily scan your photos, stamps or paintings and secure them. The best part is that the scanner can be delivered right at your doorstep. So, you can order it with ease. 

No more waiting, order the feature-rich CZUR Aura Pro to digitize and save all your loved pictures & memorable paintings forever!

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