Ist es möglich, dass Scan-Apps Scanner ersetzen?

The answer is no.

Let’s discuss from the following aspects.

  1. Scan quality

The solution for scanning apps is based on CMOS technology, that’s to say, based on camera. Not to mention the effect of CMOS itself is worse than CCD, app scanning quality is partly depended on the phone’s camera. Nothing is useful before incorporating a professional camera, let alone the algorithm can be optimized to what extent.


  1. Professional

Nowadays, loads of apps are integrated in the smartphone. Many demands can be meted with only one phone. However, we still consume digital cameras, MP3, game consoles and other products to meet differentiated needs. In a stricter situation, smartphones can’t replace cameras, Snapseed can’t replace PS, and Apps can’t replace scanners.


  1. Application scenarios

Apps are generally used by individuals. We usually scan small amount of documents such as diary, document and there is no need to buy a scanner as apps are enough. But the largest market for scanners is at the enterprise level. Can you imagine archiving millions of documents via an app on occasions such as Archives Center, Library, Bank, Public Security, Law office?  Guess nobody would like to look at the phone screen, point Scan button mechanically, switch documents and form finished files, even paid by high salary.


In summary, scanning app's advantages portable and fast, obviously. It’s convenient for individual use but cannot replace the scanner itself.


In the end, recommend a smart book scanner CZUR that can compete with scanning app in speed.

Ist es möglich, dass Scan-Apps Scanner ersetzen?

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