Tragbare Dokumentenscanner: 9 Anwendungen und andere Grundlagen

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Portable document scanners are innovative and powerful devices that you can utilize for many different purposes. They are available in various models to fulfill premium scanning and basic scanning needs. The uses of scanners are enormous over old or bulky scanners. 

A scanner can be used for various tasks, including scanning documents and photos, digitizing business cards, and converting books to digital format. Portable scanners can be an excellent option if you do not have enough space to keep a load of documents or a bigger traditional scanner.

Modern portable document scanners are integrated with the CMOS system that means it is a capture-based scanning solution. This system simplifies the scanning process even if you require to scan books or documents in bulk. 

To experience the use of a scanner, you only need to put your papers or a book under the scanner's camera and then press the scan button. Portable document scanners provide a precise and well-balanced scanning of the document; hence, there is no chance of any error or mistake.

What is a portable document scanner?

This electronic bar device scans and captures digitally and saves images in its large storage capacity. This device is portable and powered by batteries; it features a camera, sensors, and a few controls that select various scan modes. 

Portable document scanners also indicate how much memory is available for the further state of scanning. This is a perfect device to make a digital library of documents and books to keep them secure and available for use at any time. 

Portable document scanners are faster, innovative, compatible and mobile versions of the desktop scanners. Like a big scanner, portable document scanners can scan drawings, documents, and other flat media. They transform files of any format into digital files that you can save, edit, and use via your laptop anytime.

Best Option To Digitalize Business Cards

Digital business cards are the need of every business. Uses of scanners include digitalizing your business cards with OCR software support.

Check out CZUR ET Scanner; it is a professional document scanner with second-generation auto flatten technology. It can scan 300 pages within ten minutes. It automatically removes the curvatures of books; hence you don’t need to manually flatten the page curves.

Its OCR software supports more than 180 languages. This is a perfect device to scan documents, books, magazines, forms, invoices and business cards. 

Uses of Scanners

Portable scanners are a perfect alternative to a big scanner when you've got paperwork piling up and need an efficient method of organizing it. Digital storage of your documents eliminates the need for physical storages such as cupboards, cabinets and boxes.

On the other hand, a portable book scanner makes it possible to organize your documents on your laptop or in cloud storage. Check out below some mind-blowing uses of scanners. 

Wireless connectivity and portability

The reason behind book scanners' popularity is their wireless connectivity and portability. Suppose you need to scan documents in a remote location, not your office or home, then it is a good choice to take a portable scanner with you to scan important documents. This device is also beneficial for those who do not have a specific office; however, they need to share various documents.

High-quality images

Portable scanners have revolutionized document scanning jobs in many ways. One of the most notable uses of scanners is that images appear with high quality, and they are better than before. A portable document scanner can produce scanned images with a higher resolution and without the hassles that you experience with desktop scanners. 

Using editing software on scanned images is a complex and time-consuming process, but now with the advancements of portable document scanners, you get high-quality scanning images that don't require any editing work.

Live video presentation

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, working or studying at homes has become common in many locations. This doesn't mean that you should reduce the effectiveness of your work. Portable document scanners are an advanced tool to increase your productivity. 

Here is a CZUR Shine Ultra document scanner designed to scan A3 and A4-sized documents. This multipurpose scanner works as a document camera and a scanner for remote teaching and video presentation with the Zoom app. This scanner displays documents or manuscripts live to the audience when you conduct a class or give a video presentation. 

Save money and provide better security

You can scan pages of the book rather than photocopying, and this will save your time and cost. The most efficient portable document scanners are silent and won't disturb other employees or persons in a quiet library. 

Uses of scanners make them a perfect device to utilize in a shared workplace. Privacy concerns sometimes prevent you from accessing shared printers and scanners. During such circumstances, you can use your portable scanner for scanning purposes. 

Scanners are accompanied by software

Security and privacy were the issues with desktop scanners or earlier scanners. They were robust but were not compatible with the current improved technologies. Such scanners became less secure as many privacy issues were raised. 

Modern portable book scanners come up with software that gives you more options and efficiency to access the data. Modern portable scanners with software reduce the chance of human error rather than depending upon manual efforts. 

It is easy to create PDFs

Old bulky scanners are limited to producing files in limited formats, including JPEGs, PNGs and many more. It is difficult to create any edits to text without manually typing the text. Portable document scanners permit users to convert files instantly into JPG, PDF, Searchable PDF, Word, Excel and TIFF-powered formats.

This makes sending and sharing of the documents much simpler since multiple scanned images can be incorporated into one file and don't require separate sending. Additionally, this could assist in organizing and sending documents since they can be directly sent from a scanner and do not require additional software installed on laptops or computers.

Eliminate the use of Copy Machine

Next among the uses of scanners is eliminating the use of copy machines. Usually, you need to create many physical copies of a document to share it with multiple persons.

However, a portable scanner can make as many copies as you want of an image. You can say, this device is time savvy and eliminates the use of paper. In addition to creating digital copies of a document, the uses of scanners let you manage files more efficiently. 

They can be saved for future use by using an external drive or in cloud storage. If security is a concern then you can protect the data with a password. These features make a portable document scanner a perfect medium to keep sensitive information safe. 

On-site and off-site Document Scanning Services

Using the most effective portable document scanners, numerous document scanning companies provide extensive document scanning services. This covers both on-site and off-site document scanning. This indicates that they will either come to your office to scan your documents or you can send your documents to them. In some cases, one method may be more advantageous for you than the others. In this article, we'll go over the benefits of using CZUR's portable scanners for documents for both off-site and on-site document scanning.

Benefits of on-site document scanning services using the best portable scanners.

Through on-site scanning, The service provider will transport the right portable document scanners as well as the appropriate personnel to your office. They will then carry out the process of digitizing your documents. We have listed the advantages of using the on-site scanning of documents.

It gets rid of the hassle and expense of transportation

If you're not required to take your documents to the scanner facility, you'll skip the headache of arranging for transport. If you're dealing with a significant quantity of documents, then you could require hiring large transport vehicles as well as experts to manage load and take off. Also, you will avoid the transpor-t cost.

Furthermore, it is significant to remember that during transport, documents may be lost or damaged. Therefore, if you have on-site service and the best portable document scanners, you don't need to worry about this.

You have control over your documents

If you take files to a scanner facility, they'll be taken away from your care and oversight for a short period. This could be a problem in the event that the documents can be sensitive to your company or employees. Digitalizing your documents on-site with portable document scanners from CZUR guarantees that the documents never leave your possession. Thus, you are in control of the security of your document.

Reduces the need to pack documents to transport

On-site document scanning will save you time and effort in packing your documents to transport to the scanning facility. It is also possible to ensure that you ensure that your documents are organized while packing them so that the scanner can keep specific documents in one place. If you've got a large number of documents, it is possible to purchase packing supplies that can increase the cost of the whole scanning process.

You can track the Scanning Process.

In addition to the protection of your files, the on-site document scanning service with portable document scanners will ensure that your staff is able to monitor the scanning process carried out by the professionals who provide services. 

The benefit is that the team members will be able to address any questions that scanning staff might have about specific documents. A team from within can assist the scanning staff in organizing the documents so that everything is digitalized according to the exact requirements of your company.

Another advantage to this choice is the fact that communication between your business and the service providers is swift and simple. So, you don't have to rely on email or phone calls when you need to give specific instructions. In the end, you might be able to speed up the scanning process. It might also help when you have dedicated staff members who assist the experts with specific aspects of the process in order to finish the scanning process efficiently with the best portable document scanners.

Benefits of using Off-Site Document Scanning Service with the portable document scanner

Here are some of the advantages of using the off-site scanning service.

It may be cheaper than On-site Services

Since the scanner service provider is not required to ship their equipment and staff to your office, they might provide the same document conversion as an option on-site with a lower cost than an off-site service. So, it's a good idea to contact the provider of service to inquire about the pricing plans available prior to making a decision.

It's a lot quicker than On-Site Services

The portable document scanner facility will likely be equipped with more technology and staff in their location than they can afford to bring directly to the offices of your company. This means that its large-scale document scanning service could be more efficient off-site than on-site.

It's not as Disruptive as On-site Services

It's possible that using an off-site portable document scanner service might be less disruptive for your office as compared to an on-site option. For instance, small offices might require clearing off space to accommodate scanners and professionals. Thus, it could affect the flow of work for certain employees who have to shift their desks. Additionally, the noise and noise could be distracting for certain.


In the event that you opt for the on-site or off-site conversion, you can make sure that employees of your business will have access to important documents quickly and from a remote location. Since all information will be stored in a cloud, you will also be able to guarantee the security of your documents that are sensitive in the event of any damage to office equipment because of an accident or fire. 


The uses of scanners are multiple. This device is portable and significant for use in every business that deals with a lot of paperwork. If you want more information regarding our portable scanners, then feel free to comment below in the comment section.

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