Der Dokumentenscanner der CZUR ET-Serie: Was ihn besser macht als andere

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Scanning documents with bulky and big scanners is now a memory. Technology has brought many innovative things to use in our daily lives. Innovative gadgets and instruments are not only saving time but also saving money. The CZUR ET series document scanner has received positive reviews from its users thanks to its smooth and hassle-free scanning experience.

CZUR has designed this product with many new and demanding features, which is why it is performing well on the market. Does this product have a special feature for scanning books or confidential documents? You will learn the reasons behind the CZUR ET series's popularity in this post. 

It Captures Both Pages Simultaneously

Traditional scanners lack the advantage of simultaneously scanning both pages in an open book. But the CZUR ET series book scanner can scan up to a maximum width of A3, approximately the same size as two pages of letter-sized paper placed lengthwise. You don't have to take out staples or pages from bound books.

The ET Document Scanner Makes Scanning Fast and Quiet

The scanning process in the ET series is extremely fast and takes less than 1.5 seconds for a page. Other scanners on the market take much time and make sounds to scan a single page. 

However, the ET series document scanner can scan up to 300 pages in ten minutes when you need bulk scanning. 

CZUR has thoughtfully included several time-saving accessories in its package. These include a remote switch and rubber gloves to turn pages between scans.

The CZUR ET Series Book Scanner Supports OCR

You can also run an image recognition program called OCR on each image to identify pixels that correspond to letters or words. OCR is an acronym for optical character recognition. It basically tells the computer to examine the image and create a document in format.

To create an "index" or "map", the information can be combined with the PDF. This will show where each letter and word is located in each image in the document.

OCR in most portable scanners makes mistakes in scanning, and they get negative reviews from users. CZUR offers lifetime free software with the ET series document scanner, which supports more than 180+ languages. It converts scanned documents in Word/PDF/Excel/TIFF or JPG formats without making mistakes. 

Using The CZUR, Scanning Books Is Easier Than Ever Before

The CZUR book scanner incorporates side luminaires to ensure a consistent scan. It can also eliminate glare from glossy pages like magazines or certificates. The ET series is able to scan more documents, which results in better scanning performance.

To avoid fingerprints, the special finger cots have been optimized. CZUR book scanners are constantly improving and upgrading to make them more intelligent and efficient. The ET series offers users faster processing speed.

Super-Fast Device in Small Size And Low Weight

CZUR has revolutionized the world with its products; it has shown well how to make portable devices without losing their functionality and user interface. 

The CZUR ET series scanner is now being used in most offices, libraries, and scanning shops due to their portability. It is much smaller than traditional book scanners, like a lamp, and has only 1.5 kg weight. You can quickly set up it and digitize your books at any time.

Patented Book Curve Flattening Technology

Curvy and uplifted pages of a book make the scanning result very unclear and dull to watch. It becomes hard to read text on such poorly scanned documents. The ET series document scanner has omitted this problem for bulk scanning.

CZUR's all scanners are powered by patented book curve falling technology. It removes curvature in books using CZUR's software. You don't need to manually flatten the page curves.

Auto-Detect Page Turn And Auto Scan

Like other scanners, it does not compel the operator to inform the machine about page turns. The robust software in the ET series document scanner can detect page turns and trigger scans automatically, while you are free to use the foot pedal to trigger scanning.

Advanced HD Camera with Intuitive Sensor

Most document scanners give unclear and dull scanning results due to the low-quality camera in use. 

A high-quality scanner's heart is its camera. The type of camera equipped in a scanner will greatly influence the quality of the final scan.

The ET series document scanner features a high-resolution Sony HD camera equipped with a CMOS sensor. This eliminates any possibility of distortions and results in a clear scan.

No Need to Connect to The AC Source

The CZUR ET series document scanner does not need to be connected to an AC source to work like traditional scanners. Some scanners have batteries, while others use a USB cable to connect to a laptop or desktop computer. Also, transmit data over USB to your phone, tablet, or computer.

Scanning and Archiving Credit Card, ID Card and Business Card

You've probably tried to scan 2-by-3-inch cards before. It's difficult to get small, often thick objects through your scanner without them getting stuck.

This problem has been addressed by many portable scanner manufacturers who have created a slot that allows cards to be moved along the paper path. 

The ET series scanner is best known for scanning and archiving thick and laminated cards such as credit cards, ID cards, business cards and debit cards. 

The ET Series Scanners Can Scan Different Types of Document

Other scanners on the market do a particular scanning job. They are very restricted to use on multiple documents. On the other hand, the ET series scanner can handle any document on its scanning mat. It is a great tool to scan books, photos and 3D projects. 

It has made these file types no longer difficult to scan. This is especially good news for creatives who might work with media that doesn't fit on a conventional scanner.

Do Not Use The Copy Machine

In the past, sharing files meant that you had to print dozens of copies of a report to give to clients or colleagues. With portable document scanners, one print can be used to create all the digital copies that you need.

You can send an email instead of printing and wasting time. Not only is it quicker, but you can also organize your files more efficiently.

Create PDFs Quickly

Other scanners create images in limited formats which are not easy to edit or make changes. JPEGs, PNGs and other formats weren't ideal for all documents and made it difficult to make textual edits. The ET series document scanner allows users to scan files and convert them to PDF.


Document scanners can be used in a variety of ways. A scanner is the perfect tool for any job, whether you are an artist scanning your entire project or a small business owner looking to improve productivity.

*The CZUR ET series includes the ET16 Plus and the ET18 Pro.

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