Dinge, die Sie wissen müssen, bevor Sie einen Scanner kaufen

Scanners have become a primary need in almost every place like offices, homework stations, classrooms, medical clinics, and other such places. They have a specific utility in all kinds of official paperwork, study, and analysis. In this age of a digitized style of working, scanners provide a gateway for creating virtual copies of the documents and contents and make all the necessary amendments, corrections, and editing to enhance their form.  

They are used by students, teachers, writers, librarians to save space and have a more detailed study on their subjects. Scanners allow them to be in pace with the digital style of working. It makes things faster to be read, edited, and shared among individuals than physical copies. Moreover, it is even easier to keep important information safe by having their scanned copies saved in virtual spaces and prevent deliberate copies, vandalism, and destruction.

The different needs of a scanner

People require scanning services for different needs. Some peoplelike librariansrequire them for having virtual copies of physical documents to save space. Many others rely on the function for its outstanding capacity of translating the contents into highly efficient virtual copies rich in color and graphic quality. Such high-quality imagery also allows zooming in easily and reading the smaller details of the document.

czur-Scanner, Dokumentenscanner, Buchscanner

Present-day scanning technology is also fast, which helps in saving a lot of time in document work. This helps greatly in publishing, filing, and bulk editing and printing functions, making things time and cost-efficient. Sometimes, this fast scanning feature helps in prompt administration of treatments through quick study and sharing of readable medical reports.

Cliché Traditional Scanner

Scanners have been in the working space for a long time. They have been in use even before the present-day speedy internet resources were available. Therefore, many people are still using those devices with obsolete technologies. However, there are huge drawbacks that come along with them, some of which are:

  •         Heavy machinery: Those scanners are really heavy and big. This makes them difficult to be moved and managed around in tightly built spaces. Moreover, any damage and repair issues also become difficult to administer.
  •         Slow-speeds: The technology remains too mechanized for present-day working. Such machinery isn’t able to cope up with the high-speed requirements and bulk working load of the present day. 
  •         Incompatibility: Many of these scanners are incompatible with the present set of software, system UIs and device driver mechanisms and ports. And since the older versions of software can no longer be used, these devices become a burden.
  • czur-Scanner, Dokumentenscanner, Buchscanner
    czur-Scanner, Dokumentenscanner, Buchscanner

Scanner Features You Deserve

The present-day requirements for scanning devices are pretty dynamic and especially based on speed and task management. They are no longer limited to producing virtual copies of the physical documents but also making the required corrections in alignment, printing blots, color grades, paper incompatibilities, etc. The scanners are expected to make major corrections by themself and reduce the manual effort in corrections, editing, and painting scanning. Here are some of these basic and advanced features frequently demanded.

Basic features

  •         Scanning modes: This is a really basic requirement that the scanner should be able to deal with black/white and colored scanning. It should produce the files in the maximum possible accuracy with their physical forms.
  •         Paper Sizes: They should be able to deal with the most prominent sizes like A4 to the smallest ones like B5B5 isn’t the smallest , to be more effective.)It can not only deal with the most prominent size like A3, A4, but also size small to stamps or cards

Today, many scanners are adhering to these basic requirements. However, people always demand technology that edges, which is where the CZUR ET scanner series stands out. Here are some of the innovative features that it offers.

More modes for scanning: Today, the subjects up for scanning have become very wide. They have even transcended beyond traditional paper. This is why this device comes up with more and beyond general levels of scanning. It allows for scanning Magazines, blueprints, textbooks, and manuals. Other than this, some other important document materials like business cards, examination papers, contracts, sketches can also be scanned. Going beyond routine, it even offers to scan sculptures, toys, packages, and clothes, which is quite exceptional.

Different formats for output: these scanners also adhere to the different file formats that are required for modern-day working like PDF files, text files, image and GIFs, and other formats that might be asked.

Curve flattening technology and smart paging: Many books and documents come with a strong binding making them bulge at the center while scanning. These CZUR ET series prevent these bulges from disrupting the scans through its patented curve flattening technology. Besides this, the smart paging feature also removes other interruptions coming in the way of scan and produce finely aligned virtual copies.


czur-Scanner, Dokumentenscanner, Buchscanner


Speed: The scanning device is well ahead in terms of speed taking only 1.5 seconds for a page. This allows the user to scan a book of 300 pages in just 10 minutes.

Editing tools: Shifting the load from the computers, these scanners have got built-in features for editing on the go. There are several professional tools for adding more 

Editing tools: Shifting the load from the computers, these scanners have got built-in features for editing on the go. There are several professional tools for adding more perfection to the scanned copies.

czur-Scanner, Dokumentenscanner, Buchscanner

OCR: For a premium book publishing and text editing function, the device has an OCR feature. This lets the scanned copies transform into easily editable word files within seconds.

czur-Scanner, Dokumentenscanner, Buchscanner

Premium Resolution:  The device comes with a powerful 16 MP camera supported by powerful LEDs. It produces the richest scan quality pictures magnifying every detail to the depth.

Great Design: This scanner utilizes a unique Table lamp style design, different from traditional scanners. It makes the device really handy and space-efficient on the work table.

Visual Platform: The scanner has some beyond-level features where it can capture hand movements under its camera to present some real-time videos and presentation content. This feature can be used for online studies, meetings, and consultations making it the best scanner for these troubled times.

czur-Scanner, Dokumentenscanner, Buchscanner

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