Was sind Overhead-Scanner?| Typen, Eigenschaften und Vorteile

czur-Scanner, Dokumentenscanner, Buchscanner

People used to struggle to keep their documents in hardcopy formats. They also had to queue up at shops to have them photocopied for different purposes. This led to paper piling and increased chances of losing it. Overhead scanners made it possible to store all of our documents digitally, making our lives easier.

What is The Core Technology Behind Overhead Scanners?

Telephotography is the source of scanner technology. The only difference between old and new scanners is that old bulky scanners capture the pages of fixed size, whereas modern overhead book scanners scan pages of varying sizes.

The resolution of telephotography was limited by its large dimensions and high power consumption.

A compact and lightweight device was needed that could process high-resolution images.

An overhead scanner is the best choice if you have books you wish to scan.

Flatbed scanners can cause more damage to your books than overhead scanners. Overhead scanners are also called non-destructive scanning.

What Types Of Overhead Scanners Can Be Used With Old Books?

Before we get into the details of overhead scanners, it is important to be familiar with all options available for scanning books at home.

These are just a few examples of scanners:

  1. Your cell phone
  2. Scanners for handheld devices
  3. Flatbed scanners for specialists
  4. Overhead scanners

Smartphone as a Scanner

You can also use your smartphone to produce high-quality scans, but they are adequate for multiple paper sizes and large scanning jobs. Can you imagine holding your phone while flipping through six hundred pages carefully? This article will explain how overhead scanners work.

Nobody wants to scan a 600-page book this way. It would be too slow and tedious.

Specialist handheld scanners can also be used in the same way.

They can also be taken to the library with permission from the librarian. It would be difficult to read a large book.

Flatbed Scanners

Due to the possibility of damaging old books, experts do not recommend using a flatbed scanner. If you are willing to remove the spine and cover of the book, this is an exception.

To minimize damage, the edge of the bed has been flattened so that the spine does not open more than 90 degrees. Software built-in compensates for inevitable shadows and curves in the image. There is one problem with using flatbeds on fragile pages. Each page is contacted by the machine.

This can cause wear and stress to the pages. An alternative is to scan the pages without touching them. This is an advantage of an overhead scanner.

What are Overhead Scanners?
Overhead scanners resemble an old-fashioned projector in that the scanner lens is mounted on a stem.

The scanner's lens then scans a dark mat onto which a document is placed. When you press the "scan" button, the scanner moves to a higher position. Overhead models can scan A3 documents as a result of this.

Software for Overhead Scanners

Are you looking at thirty scans with your finger in the lower right corner of the image? Then don't worry; overhead scanners can correct that as well!

We have mentioned that overhead scanners are equipped with image software to compensate for curves and shadows in bound books.

In-built imaging software is also available for overhead scanners. This software has been specifically designed to work with books. This software corrects the curvature of the spine.

Flattening algorithms are used to ensure that scanned pages retain the same quality as if they were pressed flat.


Different Overhead Scanners Have Different Functions

  • Foot Pedal
  • Foot pedals are an optional feature that allows you to take a scan by tapping your foot.

    This will increase the efficiency of the entire process. To start the scan, you carefully turn the page. When you find your groove, this can be very relaxing and enjoyable.

  • Automated Page Turning
  • This is the ultimate holy grail. While the machine flips the pages, you can do something more enjoyable. This option is not available for commercial use. It's possible that the cost will drop in the future, but it is currently too expensive for home use.

  • Get Free Access To An Overhead Scanner
  • Larger libraries may have overhead scanners of high quality that can be used to scan old books and manuscripts. Scanners for commercial use can be very different from those intended for home use. It has a more industrial appearance. It may take many hours of training for librarians and archivists to learn how to use it properly. These are less likely to be made available to the public.

    The Best Overhead Scanners Have Many Benefits

  • Photo Restoration

  • Photo restorers now have an essential tool: overhead scanners. Scanners are gentle on photographs that may be significantly damaged or even broken. A graphics technician can repair tears, creases, and other damage to vintage photos once they have been scanned into digital format. 

  • Instant Communication
  • Scanned documents can be sent faster by email than traditional mail or fax. Emailing electronic documents is faster and easier than conventional mail or fax. With the advent of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, the recipients don't even need a computer to view the attachments. 

    Emailing order forms and contracts reduces the time required to complete deals. Other professions, like physicians reviewing images and charts, also benefit from quicker communication. It is particularly efficient to send a document to multiple recipients, as one message can be sent to many people.

  • Text Capture, Edit, and Search
  • Overhead scanners are used to convert a paper document into a graphic image (or PDF) file. However, an optical character recognition software process, which turns a scanned copy into text, goes a step further. OCR converts numbers and letters from a graphic file into text.

    You can search for specific words using a word processor, Adobe Acrobat, or any other software once the document has been converted to text. This saves you a lot of time and effort compared to manually going through pages. Text documents are also smaller than graphics images and take up less space on your hard drive.

  • The capture of Business Data
  • Scanners that automatically load data from business cards or other forms into your computer's contacts list save you the time and effort of manually typing. These scanners are compact and portable so that you can bring them along to conventions, meetings, or other events where you anticipate meeting many people. OCR capabilities allow the software to recognize common print styles and convert them into text.

  • Efficient Filing
  • Large-scale organizations that handle a lot of paperwork used to have to store old documents in filing cabinets. Scanners simplify the process by significantly decreasing the amount of space needed to store information. 

    A CD-R can hold 700MB of data and replace a four-drawer filing cabinet with 10,000 pages. A 100GB Bluray disc can replace 142 of these cabinets. They are also more space-efficient and easier to access electronic documents, which is a significant advantage.

  • Live video presentation
  • Many people are now able to study or work at home due to the COVID-19 epidemic. It does not mean, however, that you should sacrifice quality. You can increase productivity with portable document scanners.

    czur-Scanner, Dokumentenscanner, Buchscanner

    This CZUR Shine Ultra document scanner can scan documents up to A3 and A4 sizes. This scanner can be used as a document camera, a scanner for remote teaching or for video presentation using the Zoom app. When you give a class or make a presentation, this scanner will display documents and manuscripts to the audience.

  • A Better Security System Can Save You Money
  • Scan pages of a book instead of photocopying. This will save you time and money. Overhead book scanners that are quiet and don't disturb others in quiet libraries or employees are the most efficient.

    Overhead Scanners are a great tool to use in a shared office environment. You may not be able to use shared scanners and printers due to privacy concerns. During such situations, you can scan with an overhead scanner.

  • Software Is Included With Scanners
  • Security and privacy were issues with older scanners as well as desktop scanners. These scanners were robust but not compatible with modern technologies. These scanners were less secure due to privacy concerns.

    Software that allows you to quickly and efficiently access data is available in modern overhead scanners. Software-enabled portable scanners reduce human error and make it easier to access data than manual effort.

    There are many types of powerful overhead scanners that can be used at home or in the office.

    Types of Best Overhead Scanners

    Czur Shine Ultra Document Scanner Is Best For Home Use

    CZUR Shine Ultra has been designed to scan all kinds of documents. You can use it for all types of scanning, from the most basic to the most important and heavy. These are just a few of the features that make it one of the most popular overhead book scanners.

  • Flattening Technology
  • This device uses a unique algorithm to project and read the characters and symbols on pages and surfaces that have curves. It is, therefore, not necessary for the user or the scanner to flatten the pages during scanning.

  • Advanced OCR
  • The highly developed optical character recognition system allows the user to view all pages in editable formats. It can recognize more than 180 languages.

  • 13 Megapixels
  • This powerful camera captures the details of content with 13 Megapixels of resolution.

  • Excellent Design and Functionality

  • Overhead document scanners are portable and have stance features. They can also scan most objects, including receipts, ID cards, toys, QR codes, and drawings. 

    CZUR ET18 Pro

    CZUR has created a unique lighting design for this product, making it one of the most efficient document scanners on the market. The scanner is two-sided and has two primary sources of built-in lighting. These are top LED lights as well as sidelights. Patent-pending sidelights reveal the entire document so that you can scan glossy or laminated documents without glare. It is ideal for magazines, pro-graded images, and certificates.

    CZUR ET18Pro is sure to make scanning a passion. CZUR lets you order anywhere in the world. Innovative accessories like a document pad and finger cots will be included in the package. You can shop with confidence because this overhead document scanner comes with a 2-year warranty.

    CZUR ET24 Pro

    Brand's ET24 Pro document scanner is super model and one of the most efficient and best portable scanners ever created. This sturdy scanner has a resolution of 24 MP and a resolution of 320 DPI. It provides the highest scanning quality. By including a sidelight, it reduces reflections on glossy paper. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and LINUX.

    Once you scan documents with CZUR’s ET24 Pro, you will get output in a variety of different data formats. It is powered with powerful software that is fully utilized the potential of ET24 Pro. CZUR's ET24 supports all types of scanning, whether you want your document to be searchable, standardized, or an image.

    CZUR Aura Series's Best Overhead Scanners

    CZUR Aura is the next-fastest overhead document scanner. This scanner scans one page in just two seconds. The scanner scans pages at an incredible speed, compared to other overhead scanners. This scanner scans pages at a faster speed, which reduces the time it takes to scan a book. The scanner can scan A3-sized documents and books. The Aura can scan any drawing, contract, or newspaper article. The scanner is large enough to scan larger volumes than an A4 book.

    CZUR ET 16Plus

    Intelligent processing software is available for the CZUR ET16 Plus. It automates repetitive tasks and simplifies scanning. You can access previously scanned files in just 1.5 seconds by pressing a button on the software.

    This overhead document scanner is fast enough to scan fragile documents. Simply place them in the scanning area.

    The scanner's 16-megapixel HD Sony camera is capable of high-quality scanning. You can connect the scanner to a computer via HDMI or to a projector. You can then share the scans with others.

    You can scan objects like your smartphone and sculptures. The TFT LCD display measures 2.4 inches and allows you to position documents before scanning.

    Two illumination options are provided by the built-in lamp. This overhead document scanner is fast enough to scan simple or glossy surfaces.


    You can ensure that your employees have quick and easy access to all necessary documents, regardless of whether you choose the off-site or on-site conversion. You can also guarantee the security and confidentiality of sensitive documents in the event of damage to office equipment due to fire or accident.

    Overhead Scanners have many uses. These scanners are small and portable, making them ideal for any business dealing with large volumes of paperwork. You can comment below to get more information about our overhead document scanners.

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