Was ist der schnellste Weg, ein Buch nach eBooks zu scannen?

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It is a known fact that technology has taken over our lives in many different ways and reading books is no exception. In the world of literature, online reading and eBooks have become increasingly popular. There are very clear benefits of both these choices but for many readers using and reading eBooks is a more convenient and also affordable decision than using physical books.

eBooks, unlike physical books, only require a device to use and that is why these are much easier to use than physical ones. Instead of carrying a book on a daily basis readers are only required to download the book on their smartphones and laptops and that is one of the many reasons it is extremely beneficial especially for students because eBooks efficiently lighten the heavy load.

Through eBooks, users can easily access any book at any given time rather than just one or two books but the only condition is that the book should be downloaded beforehand, or you can scan the paper books and turn it into the supported format. With these eBooks, one can easily carry a whole library in a laptop or any other eBook reader without being concerned about the weight.

Apart from this, eBooks also allow for strong readability over physical books. You can easily adjust the brightness and also font size for a more comfortable reading experience. Besides the convenience eBooks provide, they also help to preserve texts and other precious books for a longer period as compared to physical books. You can easily download and also upload them online for future reference.

While physical books offer benefits including a more tangible and traditional feel, eBooks are helpful in providing a more fitting reading experience. These eBooks enable the users/readers to read thousands of books and finding any relevant information is also quite easy than physical books.

Book Scanning

Scanning a book is not a simple task especially when the book is thick and every text/image is important and needs to be preserved. At that time it is very important to go for a scanner that has all the required features and makes the scanning experience pleasant.

There are many different scanners that are available in the market each with different and unique features. Some examples are given below:

  • The smartphone is used to digitize the world’s libraries. All you need to do is place the book on any given surface; hold it open with one hand and the Smartphone over the center of the book facing down and then take picture of each pair of the book pages. It is one of the cheapest ways of scanning books but the only thing is it is quite time-consuming and also handling the book with one hand and holding your phone with another may compromise the quality of the scan.
  • The flatbed scanner is an optical scanner. It makes use of a flat surface for scanning documents. It is capable of capturing all elements on the doc and doesn’t need a movement of the given document at all. This one is a large and flat device with a hinged lid that is designed to sit on a desktop. The lid is lifted and the document is placed flat against the glass underneath. Then the document is scanned using an image sensor or light. Once the document is scanned it is transmitted to the computer and displayed on the screen. It is a good choice for users who primarily works with photos, film, and other fragile pictures and scan docs occasionally. But it is time-consuming.

Book Scanning with the ET18 Pro

Book scanning itself is quite a laborious task that needs dedication and a lot of expertise, especially if you want to scan a precious history book then the task becomes even more meticulous. In such case, you want to scan the book along with ensuring the quality of the scans without destroying the book.

For such purposes, CZUR ET18 Pro is the best available scanner in the market. This specific scanner has revolutionized the scanning experience by bringing intelligent and smart scanning performance. The best thing about this scanner is that it can scan books magazines, paper documents, and contracts within A3 size. Any book can be scanned without unbinding and cutting, because of the patent curve-flattening technology, at the speed of 1.5s/page. 

Once the documents are scanned, they can be easily converted to editable PDF/TIFF/Word and Excel formats. ebook has its own unique import format, so it needs to be scanned with a scanner first and then further converted. It is very important to know about the two major types of PDF which are:

-Simple PDF: this is the easiest and most basic type of PDF with very simple goals. You can read the text on your device using the required software but the only drawback is you cannot search texts using this type of PDF file.

-Searchable PDF: This one is a more advanced type of PDF and it usually results via an OCR application to scan PDFs and other such image-based docs. A text recognition process is involved, during which document structure and characters are analyzed and ‘read’. The text layer is normally added to the image layer which is usually placed underneath. These files are fully searchable and indistinguishable from the original documents. Text in this type of PDF document can be easily copied, selected, and also marked up. The main objective of this type of document is to search the text and also highlight important points.

Innovative Curve-Flattening Tech

As I mentioned earlier, traditional scanners can scan thick books only when you unbind them at that time there is high chance that the book is damaged. If you want to scan a book without unbinding it then ET18 Pro must be your go-to scanner due to its curve flattening tech.

Here three harmless laser lines hit and analyze the contours of an open and bound book. The intelligent and smart algorithm along with the precise laser lines digitally restores each and every curved page to perfectly flat books. By doing so, you can easily preserve your most valuable books without damaging them.

Multiple Operating Modes:

With this scanner, you have flexible functionality for all your projects such as

-Hand button

-Foot Pedal

-Scanner button

-Software button

-Auto Scan: Detect the page-turning and automatically capture the images

Some other features include:

Dual page scan in 1.5/sec: It has a 32-bit MIPS CPU for efficient and high-speed scanning.

18MP HD Camera: To preserve the real brilliance of your book.

Sidelights: Best anti-reflection solution. These sidelights are helpful in evenly revealing the entire document for precise and balanced scanning. By using the sidelights you can easily eliminate glare from glossy papers.

OCR Technology: By using this technology you can easily convert and edit text with just a click. With the help of this technology, you can convert the scanned pages to an editable PDF/word/TIFF document. You have unlimited resources to edit, search and store files.

Intelligent Image processing Software: If your book has multiple images and you are concerned about the quality of these images then this scanner has the following features:

Professional trimming

Smart paging and auto flattening

Five color modes

Batch edit and export

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