Warum einen Dokumentenscanner kaufen? Eigenschaften des besten Dokumentenscanners auf dem Markt

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CZUR's best document scanners can be used to scan documents and photos, digitize business cards, and convert books into digital formats. If you don't have enough space for a larger scanner or documents, a portable scanner can be great.

Modern document scanners can be integrated with the CMOS image sensor, which is a capture-based scanning method. Even if you need to scan large volumes of books or documents, this system makes scanning easier.

You can experience the benefits of a scanner by simply placing your paper or book under the portable scanner's lens and pressing the scan button. The portable document scanner ensures that the document is accurately and precisely scanned. There are no chances of mistakes or errors while scanning with portable document scanners. 

This post is a guide on CZUR's best document scanners; it will guide you with many related topics about the company’s' scanners. Read below what document scanners are, their applications, and the technology that runs them. 

What is a portable document scanner?

A document scanner is an electronic device that can scan and capture digital images and store them in large storage. The device is lightweight and powered by batteries. It features a camera, sensor and a few controls to select different scan modes.

The storage capacity of portable document scanners can also be indicated. This device is ideal for creating a digital library of books and documents to keep them safe and easily accessible at all times.

The portable document scanners can be used in place of desktop scanners and all-in-one printers. CZUR's best document scanners are more efficient, flexible, mobile, and innovative than the desktop versions.

Document scanners can scan documents and drawings just like a large scanner. You can convert any file into a digital file, which you can edit and save on your laptop.

Zoom App Collaboration with CZUR’s Best Document Scanners

Many people are still now working from home because of the COVID-19 epidemic. This doesn't mean losing your work efficiency. Best document scanners of CZUR will help you increase productivity.

CZUR's portable document scanners are not only made for handling document scanning jobs, but they are also capable of organizing live visual presentations. The built-in Visual Presenter function allows you to present manuscripts and documents to your participants during a meeting or online teaching.

   You can join a meeting just like you did with apps such as ZOOM and Skype or GoogleMeets.

  1. Open the CZUR Software.
  2. Click on "Share Screen" to see the "CZUR" option. To share, choose "CZUR".
  3. Participants in meetings will be able to see the interface of CZUR software simultaneously
  4. Click "Visual Presenter".

CZUR's best document scanners are popular because of OCR technology

OCR stands for optical character recognition. It can identify printed characters within an image. OCR-powered software can recognize many fonts, even those that can be optically recognized or computer-printed. Advanced OCR software can recognize handwriting and digitize it in editable format.

The highly developed optical character recognition system allows the user to view entire page content in editable formats. Currently, it can recognize more than 180 languages.

OCR technology allows businesses to achieve operational goals and offer excellent customer service. OCR processing improves accuracy and data utility which can help businesses make better business decisions.

CZUR's Professional Document Scanner comes with OCR software, making document scanning faster and more efficient for businesses. CZUR's best document scanners can scan up to 300 pages in 10 minutes with the support of OCR technology. 

CZUR's patent technology to flatten Page Curves

CZUR's best document scanners are not only powered with OCR technology but are also furnished with patent technology. There is CZUR’s own page curve flattening technology that uses a unique algorithm to read the characters and symbols on pages and surfaces with curves. It does not require users to flatten the pages during scanning.

CZUR's Top document scanners provide multiple target scanning

The multiple target scanning feature of CZUR's scanners creates multiple files in just one click.

The system will scan the black mat for photos, stamps, and cards. Click the "Scan" button one time. The system will identify each object and create multiple scanned files.

Photo albums can be scanned through multiple target scanning. It is difficult to view and share photo albums with friends due to their high weight. Some photos in the album may not be complete, faded, or damaged by repeated viewing.

You can scan photos of the album in two ways with best document scanners.  

  • Scan the entire sheet of the photo album 
  • You can scan a photo album without removing each photo. 

    Generally, the software in the best document scanner recognizes the black background of a black mat, and if you place an album sheet under the scanner, it will select the whole sheet of the album as a target.

    It won't scan the photos on the white background sheets or under the plastic. Curve-flattening technology can scan up to two pages simultaneously with high efficiency.

     2. Get individual photos

    You can get individual photos by taking all the photos and placing them on a black mat. Multiple target scanning will allow you to take photos with just one shot.

    It saves time as you don't need to scan each photo individually and change them all the time. It is also easy to classify photos this way.

    It is important to remember that dark edges, parts of photos can be mistakenly taken as part of the black mat. The auto detector may not pick the photo correctly. To box select the photo, use the "Manual Selection".

    1. Select "Multi-target Paging" from the "Flat Single Page".
    2. As the image shows, multiple targets will be detected by the system.
    3. As you click "Scan" once, six separate scanned documents will be generated

    Convenient Document Management

    Do you find yourself in a difficult situation of managing documents properly? Perhaps you have experienced it before. CZUR’s best document scanners help businesses in developing convenient document management policies. 

    When dealing with clients, it is crucial that you have quick, easy, and efficient access to all information. A digital document management policy can make it much easier to retrieve and find data.

    By using portable scanners to manage documents, you can collaborate instantly and access them from any location. Document management includes formatting text, images, and graphics. All edits and markups to electronic files can be accessed immediately by team members and collaborators.

    PDF technology makes sure everyone uses the latest version of the document. Document scanners help businesses in version control of documents. They automate and prevent you from wasting time on outdated documents.

    Characteristics of CZUR's Best Document Scanners

    CZUR has a variety of document scanners. Each model has a different function to meet modern document scanning requirements. To make an informed purchase, users can compare the features and functionality of these scanners.

    Professional Series

    The CZUR professional series is the best in scanning technology. This scanner is ideal for heavy scanning, especially if you need to scan large files and hundreds of pages. The ET16 and ET18 models offer crystal clear resolution and the most recent OCR technology. This allows you to scan and recognize more than 180 languages. 

  • ET 16 Plus

  • CZUR ET16 Plus best document scanner is equipped with a fixed focal length (16MP 1/2.3") high-speed camera. The scanner also features a CMOS sensor, which is capable of scanning a variety of documents, including A3 files and stamps.

    The ET series scanners are designed in an overhead style and ensure scan without contact. This means that there is no stress on the pages. The ET series has been a hit with the market for its high-quality capture, productivity, and material flexibility.

    This product's unique selling point is its new design, similar to a table lamp. It can scan different documents by simply flipping through the pages. This best document scanner can scan up to 200 pages and create an ebook in just 3 minutes.

    1. Easy to set up and use.
    2. Cloud scanning via WI-Fi.
    3. Connect using HDMI, USB, or WiFi.
    4. Amazing Customer Support.
    5. There are three standard automated processes that scan, archive, and bulk.
    6. Powerful and advanced OCR capabilities.
    7. Auto flattening curve, erase fingerprints and purify backgrounds. Correct distortion.
    8. In less than 1.5 seconds, scan a page.
  • ET 18 Pro

  • This is one of the best document scanners which is optimized for wireless scanning. The CZUR ET18 Pro scanner is enhanced with both USB connectivity and wireless connectivity. This scanner allows you to scan files directly from your smartphone. The scanner features an 18Mp 1/2.3" SONY's CMOS sensor. These features allow the scanner to scan documents up to A3 size and produce clear scans.

    To provide greater accuracy than the original material, it uses a calibrated laser sensor and patent book Curve Flattening Technology. You can find scans of high quality with a minimal warm-up. A single page can be scanned in as little as 1.5 seconds. It can also capture bound books, spiral notebooks, and periodicals up to A3 (18.89 " "x14.17 '') size.

    This product has a unique lighting design setup by CZUR. This two-sided scanner has two main sources of built-in lighting: top LED lights and sidelights. Sidelights in this scanner reveal the entire document so that you can scan laminated or glossy documents with no glare. This makes it ideal for scanning magazines and pro-graded images, as well as certificates.

    It has some amazing benefits.

    1. Innovative design allows for hands-free operation.
    2. Rapid scanning at a remarkable speed of 1.5 seconds.
    3. It is lightweight and compact, and only 2Kg in weight.
    4. Patented using CZUR's curve-flattening technology.
    5. Ideal for scanning small business cards as well as large bound books.
    6. It is easy to carry in a handbag and can be used for personal or professional use.

    Personal Series

    Do you not read your documents and need them frequently? Or you may be taking time to find what is in your books. CZUR’s best document scanners of this series address this problem by scanning, flattening curves, and making the book searchable using OCR technology.

    You don't have to wait for expensive book scanners. CZUR’s scanners scan any book or document in seconds without damaging the spine. You'll never again have to worry about what's behind your page.

  • CZUR Aura
  • Aura is a handheld scanner that scans at a speed of 2 seconds per page. It's a great choice for anyone who needs to carry it around. This scanner is lightweight, portable, and battery-powered. It is like a desk lamp with a stylish design that allows you to digitize your book collections.

    There is an Intelligent software that detects page turns and triggers scanning automatically. This frees you from having to use your hands.

    It can scan any material smaller than A3. Additional sidelights are available to reduce reflections on glossy papers.

    Some powerful features of this best document scanner are:

    High Resolution & Ai Tech: CMOS 14MP (4160*3120), A4340, AND A3245 DPI (camera). Smart Paging, Auto Cropping, Combine Sides and Stamp Mode, and Multiple Color Modes.

    This multifunctional desk lamp has four color modes to suit your personal or office use. Six brightness levels and dual color temperature LEDs enable to prevent of eye fatigue. 

  • CZUR Shine Pro

  • It is important to know that this scanner comes in three versions when you shop for it. The scanners have the same specifications, but the camera quality may differ.

    These models include:

    • Shine500 Pro
    • Shine800 Pro
    • Shine800A3 Pro

    These models of Shine Pro scanner can be used on flat pages, despite slight differences. Shine Pro series scanners are not compatible with books, unlike other scanners. You can scan only flat pages or other small items with the Shine Pro series.

    This scanner is the perfect companion for anyone who travels a lot. The scanner's design is evolutionary and has been optimized for portability. The aluminum body of this product reduces its weight. This best document scanner is light and portable due to the aluminum casing. 

    The aluminum body allows it to be folded down; it saves space and allows it to be carried in a backpack. The Shine 800A pro has 2-way adjustability. It can be folded down or adjusted in height.

    This best document scanner has a powerful feature.

    1. Unmatched scanning speed.
    2. Video recording capabilities.
    3. A USB power adapter.
    4. Easy software download.
    5. Collapsible, lightweight, portable design.
    6. Integrated AI technology.
    7. Compatibility with zoom.
    8. Scanning without using your hands.
  • CZUR Shine Ultra
  • CZUR Shine Ultra smart scanner, one of the most advanced portable document scanners.

    This scanner also has a table lamp-like design. It scans at an extremely high speed. This scanner is also convenient because it has a foot pedal that allows for hands-free scanning.

    You can scan A3, A4, or smaller documents with this scanner. Ultra-fast scanning mode allows you to scan a document in under one second.

    It is crucial to have a quality scanner camera to ensure scan clarity and quality. It delivers ultra-high-definition scans when you have this best document scanner.

    CZUR Shine Ultra scanner ensures crispy scans and no more burled scans. There are two options: A4 documents have 340 DPI, and A3 documents have 245 DPI.

    You don't need to crop the scans when using this scanner. Smart cropping allows you to remove unwanted parts or fingerings.

    Advantages of Using CZUR's Best Document Scanners

    When you have a lot of paperwork and need a way to organize it, a portable scanner is a great alternative to a large scanner. Digital storage of the best document scanners allows you to store your documents in physical storage like cabinets, boxes, and cupboards.

    On the other hand, a portable book scanner makes it easy to organize your documents on your laptop or cloud storage. Below are some great uses for scanners.

  • Wireless connectivity and portability
  • Wireless connectivity and portability are the main reasons book scanners are so popular. If you have to scan documents from a remote location and not at your home or office, it is a smart idea to bring a portable scanner along to scan important documents. Even if they don't have an office, this device can be useful for sharing multiple documents.

  • Images of high quality
  • Many document scanning tasks have been made easier by portable scanners. Best document scanners have a number of notable benefits. Images appear sharper and are more detailed than ever before. Best  document scanners can scan images at a higher resolution without the same hassles as desktop scanners.

  • You can save money and have better security
  • Scan pages of a book instead of photocopying. This will save you time and money. Portable scanners are quiet and don't disturb others in quiet libraries or employees are the most efficient.

    Best document scanners from CZUR are a great tool to use in a shared office environment. Sometimes, privacy concerns prevent you from having access to shared scanners and printers. In such cases, your portable scanner can be used for scanning purposes.

  • Eliminate The Need For A Copy Machine
  • Scanners can also be used to eliminate the need for copy machines. To share a document with multiple people, you will often need to make many copies.

    A portable document scanner can create as many copies of an image as possible. This device saves time and eliminates the need for paper. Scanners can be used to create digital copies of documents and allow you to manage files more efficiently.


    It is essential to stay productive even when working from home or office. The CZUR’s best document scanners do just that. They have all the necessary features, including curve flattening and OCR as well as powerful cameras. The portable document scanners are innovative and are in demand in today's workplaces.

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