Von zu Hause aus arbeiten | Schlüsselwege zur Transformation der Produktivität

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COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by WHO. Students continued their education online and working from home became a new reality for professionals.

Reality of WFH

The idea of working from home, in the beginning, was quite exciting but also challenging. Exciting, because apart from a few exceptions it was never done before and challenging because there was no prior planning and proper setup for this new way of life.

Being a professional I found this new reality quite difficult. I knew that I had to deal with a lot of challenges before getting used to this new experience. Some of the challenges that I faced during the initial days were:

  1. Procrastination: For me, this was the number 1 challenge because staying home always meant vacation or a day off. So staying home and working from 9 am-5 pm was a big challenge for me, I felt like my productivity has been reduced. I used to be petrified of the piles of documents that I had to go through. Also, I didn't specify any proper space for my office tasks which was my biggest mistake.
  2. Staying organized: You can easily get distracted when you are asked to work in the same environment where you live. I found it hard to separate work and play. My office files and documents were scattered all over the place and it was a mess in simple words.
  3. Documents sharing: As stated earlier, my documents were scattered in every nook and corner of my house. So whenever I needed any specific file it was a struggle to find it. Keeping pages in a safe place and finding them at the right time was a challenge for me and that is the main reason I was unable to complete my tasks on time.
  4. Collaboration: When in the office it is easy to communicate with your colleagues for any updates or information because you are either in the same room or just in the other room. But you don't have this option when working remotely.

All these problems were also affecting my efficiency and I knew that I have to do something because without finding any solution I was also putting my promotion at stake. I did some research and came to know about this amazing scanner which is a multi-purpose scanner and it proved to be a savior for me.

CZUR Aura Scanner

CZUR Aura scanner is an ideal scanner for remote working and learning. It is compatible with zoom and that is why it enables the user to share the screen instantly. It also allows annotating and highlighting which enables the user to explain the items on display.

All you need to do is just

  • Open the software and connect the model
  • Open zoom and join/start a meeting
  • Click on Share Screen on Zoom and select CZUR Aura screen for sharing

The visual presenter function helps to show documents and manuscripts live to participants when teaching or hosting a meeting.


CZUR Aura scanner is one of the most ideal scanners due to its advanced features. It scans documents and thick books with ease. It flats single pages and bounds books and documents easily. The revolutionary curve flattening technology helps to resolve the problem of unbinding books before scanning.

Curve-flattening technology

The curve flattening technology uses three laser lines for scanning image clarity and accuracy. This makes the Aura scanner ideal for exact replication of the original pages of curved books.

Less reflection

It comes with additional sidelights which are ideal to scan glossy papers like magazines, ID Cards, and pictures. These sidelights help prevent reflections while scanning shiny pages.


This advanced functionality helps in creating searchable PDFs and editable Excel and word files. The technology helps to recognize more than 180 languages.


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